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Verikoka by Spyros Siakas

The story of a boy who grows up with a yearning for a platter of apricots (verikoka).

The story of a boy who grows up with a yearning for a platter of apricots (verikoka); they were left by his mother in a beach, and swept away by the sea - his own unfulfilled dream. Years pass by, and he finds himself in front of the same platter of apricots. Now unhindered, he can have the fruits he always longed for. But how these verikoka were made and what lies underneath them?

2D hand-drawn animation, stop-motion, painting under the camera

Film Trailer:

Film Credits
Verikoka (11' 06''', Greece / Estonia, 2016)
HD, No dialogue

Direction: Spyros Siakas, based on a story by Ioannis Vasileiadis
Production: ARTEC-TEI of Athens | Scheriaa Productions, in association with Eleusis 2021 and Cultural Society of Crete
Script: Ioannis Vasileiadis, Spyros Siakas
Line Producer: Spyros Siakas
Animation: Spyros Siakas, Eleni Mouri
Art direction – design: Spyros Siakas
Editing-sound design: Spyros Siakas
Photos: Vaggelis Ginis
Photo editing: Anastasia Koutsoudaki
Music score & Performance: Ioannis Kokkinos (Contrabass) & Miltos Koutroumpas (Piano)
Music Recording: Nikos Risvas Studio Recording: Music Window
Post-production (DCP): Sklavis Film Lab
Performers: Vicky Pasiopoulou, Polyxeni Katsari, Vaggelis Ginis

Director's CV:
Spyros Siakas (PhD, MA): is an animation director, lecturer of Animation at Technological Educational Institute of Athens (Dept. of Graphic Design), as well as a tutor at the Open University, Greece. His films have been screened and received awards in many international festivals, including the ASIFA award in Balkanima Animation Film Festival (2005) for The Mirror Stage.

Director's Filmography:
Verikoka (2016), Ikaros, Jump into the Future (2014), The Mouse-Father and his Daughter (2012), The Mirror Stage (2005), Star system (2002), Give it up (1998)

Balkanima Festival, 4-8/10/2016: Official Selection (Balkan Panorama)
Chania Film Festival, 29/10/16
Olympia Film Festival, Greece, 3-10/12/2016
Chennai Int'ntl Short Film Festival, India, 19-25/2/2017
Balkan Film and Food Festival, Albania, 3-8/7/2017

Pre-selected for Best Animation Short in the Hellenic Film Academy 2017 Awards.