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Animation Festivals Consulting

Check out our animation festival and events consulting services by Scheriaa Productions, in collaboration with Zippy Frames.

What We Do:

We join your animated film with the right animation festivals for your film. It's a matchmaking process that we propose for you as a filmmaker and your film towards both animation festivals and animation pitching events. We have prepared a festival roadmap for you to follow.

Scheriaa Productions joins forces with the Zippy Frames news website to make use of its updated and extended animation festival database.

Why It Is Essential:

Animation films, most of them in the short variety, can usually travel everywhere and effortlessly, without any premiere status. Yet, the fact that they can travel is no proof that they do travel, at least as efficiently as they could. While some films understandably get big attention everywhere in the festival circuit, films could benefit more if they had a more focused approach to where their filmmakers want them to be. With everyone targeting the same group of festivals (and with festivals receiving an ever-increasing number of submissions), it is essential to know your way through festivals -even if you have to submit to most of them.

How The Consultancy Works  

  1. You submit your film and we watch it
  2. We arrange an online consultancy section
  3. We present you with a plan of action that includes:
  • the films' first and alternative choices for festival premieres
  • not-to-miss festival participations

a detailed map of festival /event nodes to follow that could prove beneficial to your film's visibility and career

About Vassilis Kroustallis: He is a film and animation professional with more than 10 years of animation festival experience, reporting and serving as jury in many animation festivals. He is a member of ASIFA-Hollywood, and he runs (since 2011) the animation news website Zippy Frames. He has served in animation festival positions, and he currently serves as Animation Programme director at PÖFF Shorts, Estonia.


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Our Partner:

Zippy Frames is the premier news website on independent animation. Since 2011, it has covered and reported on all major animation events, it hosts and presents short animation films from all over the world, and it informs and analyzes trends that directly concern independent animation and its practitioners. 



Scheriaa Productions is solely responsible for all legal and financial aspects of this service.