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Scheriaa Script Workshop at StopTrik 2021: Testimonials

Some of the participant testimonials from the script writing workshop by Vassilis Kroustallis during the Animyths workshop (27-29 Sep 2021) at StopTrik Festival.

During September 2021, Vassilis Kroustallis taught and was a mentor in the Animyths workshop, organized by StopTrik Festival (Slovenia & Lod), 27-29 September 2021.

The scriptwriting stage of the seminar was set to teach participants about the narrative essentials (plot and character structure), but also to acquaint them with the 'ArchePaths' framework of story development (Pamela Jaye Smith), and be ready to recognize and use archetypes and motifs in a creative way.

The second and the third day of this stage were devoted to this task, with participants writing their own animation short film script -which was later animated into a short, stop-motion animated film.

ANIMYTHS comprised 3 stages of activity:
(1) critical literacy workshop with Urška Breznik and Kaja Fiedler (Pekarna Magdalenske mreže, Ngo),
(2) script writing workshop with Vassilis Kroustallis
(3) animation filmmaking module with Martina & Marko Meštrović (Croatia).

Here's what participants said about the scriptwriting workshop process:


It was very interesting, because it revealed a field of story analysis that I did not know existed. I was also very appreciative of the amount of time we had to develop our scripts, to think about our story lines and review them - Inja Prebil
A great, condensed of overview of storytelling from a wonderful teacher - Alberto Mérida
It was a fantastic experience! I had ideas and often happen I struggle to write them down, but through the workshop I felt how, by slowly adding layers to the story, it becomes easier to tell the story I want to write and tell. I truly enjoyed the workshop and I can only congratulate Vassilis for putting together such great lecture -Bibi Erjavec
(photo: workshop participants at the closing ceremony of the 2021 StopTrik Festival: credits: Andrej Firm)